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Kalpa therapy - The optimum solution to cure all health concerns

Kalpa Therapy Or mono fasting consists of a single type of food for a specific duration. The main purpose of this fasting is to provide the body a chance to heal itself and to cleanse itself of all morbid matter and toxins. Kalpa Therapy is like normal fasting but in mono fasting one can consumes enough amount of calories to sustain a day similar to normal days of consuming food. There are various types of kalpa Therapy like Single fruit kalpa, single vegetable Kalpa, Single Cereal kalpa. Some of the most commonly used fruits in kalpa Therapy are Banana, mangoes, watermelon, apple, buttermilk or ghee. Reason for selection of certain foodsMilk: it’s a complete food. It contains all Amino acids. Grapes: A good source of energy due to fructose. It’s a good diuretic. The quantity of food during kalpa one can undertake either a single fruit or the quantity taken during each meal should be equal. The duration will be of 3 days to few weeks depending on individual requirements. Kalpa Therapy is widely used in improving digestion, weak and debilitated persons; in deficiency disease like for vitamin A deficiency mango kalpa is effective, aids in weight loss, Hyperacidity, peptic ulcerand for weight gain

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