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Keratoconus screening in Basic School Children using keratoconus suspect criteria in Aljaded Althawra (Aljazeera State)

Prolonged Objectives: Keratoconus screening in Basic Children School using Keratoconus suspect criteria & to detect specificity and sensitivity of each criteria in Aljaded Althawra. Also, to identify the risk factors of keratoconus.

Material and Methods: This study is a community based cross sectional analytical study conducted in Aljaded Althawra – Alkamleen locality– Aljazeera state – between Nov 2014 – April 2015. Four hundred students (800 eyes), age between 5 - 15 years old were examined 58.2%were males, and 41.8% were females. Visual acuity, slit lamp, fundus examination was taken. KC was detected from study sample according to keratoconus suspect criteria & corneal topography done to detect KC.

Result: 45 (11.25%) 90 eyes had keratoconus suspect Criteria. Male 68.9 %, female was 31.1 %. Peak’s age group was 9-12 years old (48,9%). VKC 76 eyes (84.4%), CVA less than normal image 21 eyes (23.3%), real cylinder (– 4.0) or more 8eyes (8.9%), KC in fellow eye 14(15.6%) and family history of KC & frequent change of glasses 0.0%. The risk factor associated with KC, rubbing eye 71.1%, history of wearing glasses 31.1% & family history of refractive error 31.1%.14 eyes (15.5%) were KC, males (57.1%) & females 42.9%. 11 eyes (14.5%) had VKC,7 eyes (33.3%) had CVA less than normal image, 6 eyes (75.0%) had real cylinder (– 4.0) or more,4 eyes (28.6%) had KC in fellow eye,0 eyes (0.0%) had family history of KC & frequent change of glasses.

Conclusion: Results of this study suggested strong association between KC and high cylinder (– 4.0) or more in autorefractometer reading & CVA less than normal image and KC in fellow eye according to p value and sensitivity & specificity but there is no relation to VKC. Keratoconus was more related to rubbing eyes, Hx of wearing glasses and family history of refractive errors. Screening of KC with corneal topography allows early detection and management.

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