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Knowledge of Women on Menopausal Transition in a Selected Panchayath, Kozhikode District

Background: Peri-menopause is a very complex time in woman’s life. Good understanding is required to undergo this stage in a healthy way. A study on the attitude of the working woman on menopause revealed, nurses and post-menopausal woman had positive attitude than teachers and pre-menopausal woman. Studies are of the view that health literacy on urinary incontinence to be improved to enhance the QOL, since many consider this as part of their aging. Data from the woman’s search for information on menopause revealed only less than half had any sort of learning related to menopause. They expressed the sentiments of shame or sentiments of disregard by the health care agencies. Studies reported that participants having more negative attitude are having more chance to have depression. Women with natural menopause had good body image score than with surgical menopause.

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