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Pharmaceutical Sciences the Lymphatic System is an often overlooked compartment

The asset BIO-PROTEINOL PF consists of placental extract extracted under conditions established and recommended by the European Union as cruelty free, derived from predetermined bovine species. Its extraction is carried out by veterinarians exclusively titrated in the precision technique, and does not infringe animal suffrage. This extract is 100% compatible with human skin and its clinical use brings numerous aesthetic benefits to human skin. Objective: The objective of this study is to verify the effects of bovine bioplacenta on Glolgau III photoaging in association with phototherapy and microagulation. Method: This is a single-case study, a 49-year-old female R.S. patient with front expression lines, nasogenic sulcus, skin oxidation and glycosada skin, we submitted the patient for 4 weeks, being 1 application per week, to the combination treatment of PLACENTA POWER ELECTRIC SERUM - Bioelectric Energizing Orthomolecular Peeling with Aminoplacenta, skin jections placenta booster, new age bioeletric system -serum anti ageing bioelectric with amino-placenta all of the brand Adélia Mendonça to the red laser 660nm and amber led 590nm of the brand MMO and to the microgulhamento with pen and needle 0.5 mm. Result: In the present study, the patient started the treatment with disorganized facial adiposity, after the third session, the mandible design was already observed, by the reorganization and reduction of adiposity, increased luminosity, tonicity and reduction of primary grooves throughout the treated facial extension. Conclusion: We conclude that the technique of association of cosmetics that have bovine bioplacenta - bioproteinol pf® of the brand Adélia Mendonça associated with phototherapy and microagulation activated in the inhibition of the cellular oxidative process and in the reduction of glycosylation of the treated skin. Considerably there was an increase in brightness, luminosity, tonicity and firmness, and also a smoothing of the epithelial surface, with uniformity of cutaneous relief and gentle whitening of the installed hyperchromias.

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