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Low-Cost Decolorization of High Concentration Acid Dye Bathes using Photo-Fenton Oxidation and Filtration both with and without Biodegradation

In order to develop a low-cost method that effectively cleans acid dye wastewater from small-scale textile industries, a combination of chemical oxidation (photo-Fenton oxidation) and biological treatment (aerobic biodegradation), was employed. High concentration of three acid dyes (5 g/L) were degraded using hydrogen peroxide (6% pharmacy-grade), hydrochloric acid (household), iron (scrap sheets), and sunlight. Filtration (sand and carbon) was used to remove sludge. Results were obtained using UV-visible spectrometry, GC/MS, and ICP along with determination of COD levels. The novel and low-cost photo-Fenton oxidation process showed great promise for the chemical degradation and decolorization of Acid Fast Red, Acid Golden Yellow, and Acid Ananda Blue dyes. It was observed that this method for oxidation is the first to completely decolorize such high concentrations of dye and that biodegradation may not benefit the process after complete oxidation and filtration has occurred. This study, directly compares four different oxidation times (full and partial 1, 2, 3). Obtained results suggested the possibility of fast and easy implementation in rural textile communities as well as a higher potential for commercial applications.

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