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Low-Stress Mechanical Properties and Hand Values Analysis of Different Combination of Woollen Fabrics and Fusible Interlinings

Fusible interlinings are widely used in woollen fabrics to create and maintain good silhouette of men’s suits. In order to explore the effect of fusible interlinings on woollen fabrics, this paper analyzes the difference in the low-stress mechanical properties and hand values of woollen fabrics under the effect of fusible interlinings. The lowstress mechanical properties of woollen fabrics were investigated using the Kawabata Evaluation System for Fabrics (KES-F). The results showed that low-stress mechanical properties and hand values of woollen fabrics changed remarkably after fusing interlining and indicated the impact of the fusible interlinings on the low-stress mechanical properties of woollen fabrics. It is observed that the low-stress mechanical properties and the significant changes in the hand values on woollen fabrics with interlining have implications for apparel manufacturing.

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