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Major Impediments to Quick Dispensation of Justice in South Western Nigeria

Major Impediments to Quick Dispensation of Justice in South Western Nigeria

It has become a common refrain on the lips of most Nigerians that to seek redress in our courts for any legal injury sustained is a waste of time, because that relief may not come during a lifetime. This feeling of circumspection amongst Nigerians becomes even more germane if juxtaposed with the popular saying that justice delayed is justice denied. The paper therefore extracts variables or factors causing delay to quick dispensation of Justice in South Western part of Nigeria. Four hundred (400) questionnaires were distributed to judicial workers, judges, citizens and lawyers in various part of the Ondo, Ekiti, Osun Oyo, Ogun and Lagos States most especially the state capitals and Two hundred and Eighty - Six (286) were administered and returned. Thus, a response rate of 71.5% was achieved. A dataset was generated from the responses. Gain Ratio technique using C# Programming Language was used to extract factors or variables after which a threshold was set to actually determine variables that are highly causing delay in the dispensation of justice in South Western part of Nigeria.

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