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Malaria and Haematological Parameters of Pregnant Women Attending General Hospital Geidam, Yobe State, Nigeria

Background: Malaria infection and complications during and after pregnancy remained a major public health concern in the tropics and subtropics, with approximately 24 million pregnant women reported. In Nigeria, pregnant women are hard hit by malaria due to their compromised immunity. The focal point of this study was to investigate the influence of malaria parasitaemia on some hematological parameters in pregnant women attending General Hospital Geidam, Yobe State, Nigeria.

Methodology: Systemic sampling technique was used to select 288 pregnant women who registered for antenatal clinics and visits the General Hospital Geidam. Informed consent was sought from the pregnant women who participate in the study and was screened for malaria.

Result: Malaria prevalence was found to be higher in women between 25-29 years of age (79 1.74) and lower in women between 40-45 years of age (4 ± 0.92). Conclusion: Malaria was found to be prevalent among the study population and it may have an effect on the hematological parameters of the pregnant women.

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