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Management of Peripheral Vascular Catheters by the Nursing Professional in Adult Patients of the Internal Medicine Area of the San Vicente De Paul Hospital

Intravenous access is one of the most frequent practice and a very important part of nursing work, and one of the problem that have caused many complications such as phlebitis and others. The objective of this study is to evaluate the management of peripheral vascular catheters by the nursing professional in adult patients of the area of internal medicine of quantitative, non-experimental design, of observational, descriptive and transversal type. A survey was applied to nursing professionals and an observation guide during the procedure; information was entered into a database in the Excel program; and their results were: 13 professionals surveyed; show that there is excellent knowledge in the application of standards of biosafety, antisepsis, salinization of pathway and care in catheter handling, according to the results of the observation guide with a sample of 82 patients, it was verified that there are norms that are not being fulfilled: How is it; leave the puncture site visible and cure the pathway, while compliance with the labeling of the route, change of circuits every 72 h, clean and dry catheter fixation, change of infusion solutions every 24 h and 19 phlebitis patients were identified. It is concluded that there is no relationship between the results of the survey and those of the observation guide since the nursing staff has knowledge about the correct management of the catheter but does not apply them completely to the patient.

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