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Management of type 2 diabetes mellitus associated with peripheral neuropathy with TCM based acupuncture, naturopathy and yoga therapy

Type 2 DM has become an epidemic across the globe contributing significantly to the morbidity and mortality of the entire human race. This being a metabolic syndrome with multi-factorial causative factors, of which lifestyle including stress, lack of exercises regime, improper diet & nutritional habits have been proven beyond doubt about its role in pathogenesis of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. The complications arising out of Type 2 DM including peripheral neuropathy has been one of the most frequent presenting complaints of majority of the long-standing type 2 DM sufferers. Complementary/Alternative medicine therapies including Acupuncture (TCM based), Naturopathic interventions and Yoga therapy shall give a promising hope to such sufferers to improve their QOL.

In accordance to the same, the above case presentation shall give all the necessary details of how successfully a case of Type 2 DM with peripheral neuropathy was managed effectively with a combination of Acupuncture therapy (TCM Based), Naturopathy & Yoga therapy.

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