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Metabolic Actions of Melatonin on Obesity and Diabetes: A Light in the Darkness

Besides the known effects on sleep disorders, studies show that melatonin, a hormone produced mainly by the pineal gland, plays a key role in energy expenditure, food intake, glucose metabolism in adipocytes and regulating the secretion of various cytokines involved in weight control and appetite, such as leptin. In vitro and in vivo, both in animals and in humans, they demonstrate the potential benefits of melatonin supplementation on various diseases, including the metabolic disorders. This work aims to review the physiology of this hormone, its association with diseases such as obesity and diabetes, the benefits of supplementation of this hormone and the importance of research in the area for scientific evidence about the substance of this type. On the other hand, some countries, like Brazil, has regulated the marketing of this product which reduces the clinical research and the benefits that melatonin could bring to several patients.

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