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Metagenomics Prospective in Bio-mining The Microbial Enzymes

Microbes are considered as the most numerous bio-chemical repertoires of inordinately diverse and novel functional bio-catalysts crucial for the development of eco-friendly biotechnological applications. Given the fact that less than 1% of the micro-organisms in the natural environment are traceable by the traditional laboratory techniques, scientists have barely scratched the vast microbial genetic insights. The metagenomics approach portrays a plethora of information on the structure, chemical composition, functionality and capability of the biotechnological potential unclassified industrial relevant enzymes. Herein, in this mini-review, we discuss the importance of novel bio-catalysts predicted from diverse microbial metagenomes and the impact it has on future research for novel industrial applications, implications of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), advanced bio-informatic tools and future prospective of metagenomic approach.

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