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Metalloproteinase Inhibitor-1 Closely Correlates With the Severity of Liver Disease in Egyptian Patients

Background: Liver disease prevalence is high in Egypt and finding a reliable seromarker is needed for diagnosis and prognosis of fibrosis. Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase -1 (TIMP-1) previously showed a good relation with fibrosis but few data are available from Egypt.
Objective: To test the correlation of TIMP-1 to the degree of liver fibrosis in Egyptian patients with and without cirrhosis, and to test its values in different degrees of liver dysfunction.
Methods: Forty Six adult patients (31 males and 15 females) with chronic liver disease were included in the current study, with age ranged from 42 –63 years were recruited from outpatient clinics at the National Liver Institute, Menoufiya University from February to July 2016, where sixteen patients had liver cirrhosis. Evaluation
of the degree of fibrosis and liver dysfunction was done by clinical examinations, laboratory tests, and imaging tests (Ultrasound and Fibroscan) with/ without histological examinations. TIMP-1 was determined in plasma samples using the MAC15 TIMP-1 ELISA.
Results: Median age was 51 years (42-63 years) and 67% were men. The primary cause of liver disease was hepatitis C, 89.1%. TIMP-1 values showed significant relation to the degree of fibrosis or cirrhosis assessed by liver biopsy or Fibroscan (p<0.001). Its level increases progressively with the development of encephalopathy and ascites and with the worsening of Child class (P=0.025, 0.018 and 0.039; respectively).
Conclusion: TIMP-1 increases significantly with liver cirrhosis and its degree of increase correlates with the degree of liver dysfunction.

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