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Misdiagnose of Ectopic Thyroid with Thyroglossal Cyst Duct Ectopic Thyroid Gland in Hyoid Region

Ectopic thyroid tissue is uncommon congenital aberration. We report ectopic thyroid tissue base of hyoid region another at the base of tongue, at 6 years old patient presented with anterior cervical mass. This patient was clinically diagnosed with thyroglossal cyst and was being planned for surgery. Preoperative thyroid ultrasonography and CT helped to diagnose of ectopic thyroid tissue which was functioning as thyroid tissue. We started euthyrox medication with patient and the thyroid function become normal within 6 months. It’s important to differentiate this two diseases of the patient of hyoid mass with the help of US and enhanced CT, we do not recommend surgery with patient of ectopic thyroid in the hyoid region we only recommended surgery with the patient of mediastinal ectopic thyroid tissue and intracardiac ectopic thyroid tissue.

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