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Modern Status of Mini Football 5 × 5 (B1) (Sports of Blind People) in Russia

In recent years, mini football 5 × 5 (B1) (sports of the blind) is actively developing in Russia. This creates the need for comprehensive research in this field. The questionnaires of athletes, 5 × 5 (B1) mini-football coaches (sports of blind people), as well as heads of public organizations, civil servants and specialists from the physical culture and sports industry from 7 regions of Russia were conducted. As a result of the processing of the data obtained, it was found that the most significant problems of the development of 5 × 5 (B1) minifootball in Russia are "insufficient number of 5 × 5 (B1) minifootball competitions at the city and regional levels"; "Shortage of specially trained coaches for mini-football 5 × 5 (B1)"; "Inadequate promotion of mini-football 5 × 5 (B1) in the media." Respondents believe that the solution to these problems is the widespread involvement of the maximum possible number of disabled people in sports without preliminary selection, the expansion of the calendar of sports competitions in minifootball 5 × 5 (B1) at the regional level; creation of conditions for active training among visually impaired students of high class for performances at all-Russian and international competitions; improving the scientifically based system of training trainers and athletes in this sport; complete the formation of the legal framework for the sport of the blind; taking into account the requirements of the Unified All-Russian Sports Classification and the Russian Federal Standard of Sports Training in Sports of the Blind; active popularization of this sport; the creation in the regions of adapted sports facilities with the necessary equipment for the implementation of sports training in mini-football 5 × 5 (B1); active involvement of volunteers, patrons and sponsors in the organization of the training process and competitions.

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