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Modified Transcendental Meditation Intervention for Nurses via an Application User Group Accessed on Smartphones: Effects of Anxiety and Depression on Sleep Quality

Background: Sleep quality plays an important role in the overall health of nurses, which may influence the quality of patient care provided by nurses. The LINE messaging app is a commonly used tool for sending messages easily and quickly. Therefore, in this study, to improve sleep quality among nurses, we designed and implemented an intervention with modified transcendent meditation (MTM), which is religious form of meditation, through a LINE user group.

Objective: This study evaluated whether the MTM intervention delivered through a LINE user group effectively improved sleep quality and lessened anxiety and depression in nurses.
Methods: A sample of 84 nurses with poor sleep quality (Chinese version of Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (CPSQI) > 5) and psychological problems (Chinese version of Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (CHADS) ≥ 8) were randomly assigned to the MTM intervention group (IG) and control group (CG; no MTM intervention). Self-report data were collected at baseline and at intervals of 2 weeks continually to 12 weeks and then naturalistic extension 12-week follow-up using smartphones. Generalized estimating equations and regression analysis was used to evaluate the effects of anxiety and depression in the Chinese version of Pittsburgh Sleep Quality (CPSQI) score.

Results: The anxiety and depression scores of the IG were significantly different at 6 weeks. However, the CPSQI scores of the IG had not changed significantly until 8 weeks of MTM
intervention had been completed. Changes in scores of CPSQI were nonsignificant in the CG. The effects of MTM for improving sleep quality, anxiety and depression were maintained for 12 weeks under naturalistic extension. MTM improves sleep quality which may modulate through the reduction of depression.

Conclusions: MTM exerts positive effects on anxiety, depression, and sleep quality among nurses. Nurses can use this safe, cheap and easy-to-learn method to improve their sleep quality and psychological detachment. 

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