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Myringoplasty in Sub- Medicalized Area: What Result

Objectives: Our goal was to analyze the post-operative outcome of myringoplasty. Materiel and methods: This is a prospective and descriptive study conducted in the Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery Department of the Gabriel Touré University Hospital Center from January 2012 to December 2015. We included all patients over six years of age who had myringoplasty. Choleatomatous otitis, traumatic perforations, and children under six, patients with nasopharyngeal infections, patients with immunosuppression and incomplete files were excluded. Operative technique was the classic one with the microscope under general anesthesia. Results: During this study period, 84 patients were identified. The young age group of 06-25 was the most represented with 52% and the average age was 28 years old. The satisfactory anatomic result was obtained (tympanic membrane closure) in 95.2% and the reperforation and graft drop in 4.8%. An improvement of 11 to 30 dB was observed in 49.9% postoperatively. Conclusion:The anatomical result is an imperative for any otology surgeon. This result can be successful by looking for factors that can influence the outcome. The permeatal route with removal of the perichondrium and cartilage with control of the anterior angle gives good results.

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