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The planet has been shocked by a new pandemic known as COVID 2019 (coronavirus disease 2019). This pandemic situation has arisen as a result of the massive death toll caused by SARSCoV-2 infection, which causes pneumonia-associated respiratory syndrome all over the world. It is regrettably observed to be spreading rapidly across the world on a daily basis due to the need for rapid diagnosis, adequate care, and proven treatment. Scientists have been working to decipher the genome code since November 2019. However, scientists (both physical and biological) around the world are currently working to develop specific antiviral drugs and physical therapies to combat COVID. In recent years, scholars from all over the world have paid attention to much emphasis on the synthesis of various types of MNPs and make a concerted effort to improve electrical and magnetic properties, and in addition to their structural similarity and tunability for numerous applications in biotechnology, environmental, biomedical, material science, and engineering considerations Because of their small size, strong monodispersity, superparamagnetic activity, high coercivity, low Curie temperature, and high magnetic susceptibility, biofunctionalized. MNPs have recently been successfully used in the detection of bio pathogens such as bacteria and viruses all over the world. Furthermore MNPs are now commonly used to identify dangerous respiratory viral pathogens.

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