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Nanoparticle Characteristics Affecting Efficacy

Nanoparticle Characteristics Affecting Efficacy


Several nanoparticle properties have been reported to be important for the stability and therapeutic efficacy of nanoparticle formulations. Some of these properties include nanoparticle size and size distribution, surface modification and charge, particle shape, drug content, encapsulation efficiency, drug release profile from nanoparticle systems and the presence or absence of targeting ligands conjugated to the nanoparticle surface. While some of these nanoparticle properties have been widely reviewed in literature, the systematic review of literature that directly correlates nanoparticle characteristics to efficacy is limited. In this article, we present a review of literature that correlates important characteristics such as particle size, surface modification and charge and drug content to efficacy of nanoparticle formulations. We have focused on nanoparticle systems intended for delivery to humans to ameliorate disease.

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