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Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials

Nanotech Expo 2021 invites all the experts and researchers from the Nanotechnology and Materials Engineering sector all over the world to attend “ 2nd World Congress on Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials “(Nanotech Expo 2021)., wihich is going to be held on Nov 08-09, 2021 at Paris , France

Nanotech Expo 2021 conference includes Keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster Presentations, Workshops, and Exhibitors. Nanotechnology and Materials Engineering are forthcoming use in healthcare, electronics, cosmetics, and other areas. Nanomaterials are the elements with the finest measurement of size 10-9 meter. The theme of the conference is about “To explore the implications and innovations of nanotechnology and advanced materials to better lives”.During the conference International symposiums, Panel Discussion and B2B meetings are organized and also International workshops are conducted based on the specific topics related to Nanotechnology and Materials Engineering.

The properties of many materials change when the size scale of their dimensions approaches nanometers is the foremost interesting things about nanotechnology. Materials scientists work to apprehend those property changes and utilize them in the processing and manufacture of materials at the Nanoscale. The field of materials science covers the discovery, characterization, properties, and quit-use of Nanoscale materials.

The most other engineering majors work with Nanotechnology, but the heart of nanotechnology is Materials Science and Materials Engineering across all the disciples. Nanotech Expo 2021conference is also comprised of Best Post Awards, Best Oral Presentation Awards, Young Researchers Forums (YRF) and also Video Presentation by experts. We are glad to welcome you all to join and register for the “2nd World Congress on Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials “(Nanotech Expo 2021) which is going to be held on November 08-09, 2021 Paris, France.

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