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Novel series of cyano-aryl porphyrazines with benzyloxy and propargyl substituents in peripheral aryl fragments for specifically personalized medicine: Optical viscosity sensing and PDT treating

For an extended time the thought of separated diagnostic and therapeutic approaches was predominant within the development of latest medication in medication. However, recently a major increase has been ascertained within the trend to make medication that effectively mix diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. Such the medication termed the agents of theranostics permit to work out the growth localization within the body and to produce a therapeutic result thereon. what is more, in some cases theranostic agent permits to produce the important time observation of individual therapeutic response to the treatment procedure. Recently we have a tendency to reported  on the preparation and studies of the photophysical properties of latest fluorescent porphyrazine pigments that are found to be a wonderful platform for medication with the distinctive combination of varied medical specialty functions: bimodal (fluorescent/ MRI) diagnostic agents, sensitive optical sensors of animate thing consistency and extremely economical photosensitizers in photodynamic medical aid.

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