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Novelties in homoeopathy and its spiritual perspective

Homeopathy is an alternative system of medicine which brings new consciousness. It is the awareness that an organism possesses an inexhaustible
creativity and remarkable self-healing capabilities. Homeopathy teaches that the remedies should be chosen according to the symptoms of the
patient. Every homeopathic physician must have observed that the improvement in pain takes place from above downward; and in disease, from
within outward. This is the reason why chronic diseases, if they are thoroughly cured, always terminate in some cutaneous eruptions.

Our personality is the sum total of our biological conflicts. Human behaviours is solely shaped by our environment, socially and culturally
conditioned, and genetic. The conditions we face in the outer world gives origin to our mental and physical illnesses. Every disease originates with
the psychological effects on our mind and in return to our body in the form of various diseases like renal calculi, skin eruptions, gastro-intestinal
disorders, genital eruptions, respiratory disorders, cardio-vascular disorder, etc.

So, in order of true healing the primary step is to heal the psychological part by stimulating the vital force by appropriate homoeopathic remedies
so that the body can go into the self-healing face and can cure by itself. Correct Homoeopathic treatment works in the opposite way by stimulating
the body’s defense system.

Homoeopathy works by changing the essence of the person, and not just the symptoms which are being reflected by the person’s stuckness. If we
treat only the symptoms, or the physical reflections of the blockage, then the essence of the person won’t really change. But if we treat the essence
of the person, by focusing on the energy of the person, then the symptoms will shift and the energy of the person will also begin to be unblocked
and eventually to flow more smoothly.

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