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Nurses Perception about Nurse Caring Behaviors in Hospitals of Harari Region, East Ethiopia

Background: Nurse caring behavior is important health service provision which enables building trust, creating close relationship with the patient and contributes to the satisfaction of clients. Nurse caring behavior is categorized as respect for the others, assurance of humanistic presence, positive connectedness, professional knowledge and skills. All studies conducted on Nurses perception about Nurse caring behaviors were conducted in developed Nations and this research highlights the problem in developing countries with the aim of assessing Nurses perception about Nurse caring behaviors in Hospitals of Harari Region, East Ethiopia.

Materials and methods: The study design was cross sectional Hospital based study. Data was collected from 465 Nurses from January 1-30, 2018. A six point Likert scale Nurse caring behaviors (CBI-24) questionnaire was self-administered to participants. Data were entered and analyzed using SPSS version 22 software.

Results: The study result showed that the Mean ± SD of total CBI-24 score of nurses perception about nurse caring behaviors was 4.21 ± 1.08. The result also depicted that the Mean ± SD of nurses perception about nurse caring behaviors in assurance of human presence was 4.20 ± 1.13; Knowledge and skill subscale score was 4.44 ± 1.16 (Mean ± SD); Respectfulness subscale score was 4.14 ± 1.21 (Mean ± SD) and Positive connectedness subscale score was 4.06 ± 1.17.

Conclusions: The Total Nurse Caring Behaviors CBI-24 score as well as assurance of human presence, Knowledge and skill, Respectfulness and Positive connectedness sub scales were found to be low.

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