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Omics Finder: An Android Application to Assist Pyhton and Omics Queries

Bioinformatics is a rapidly flourishing field with new innovations and technologies. In recent years, the development of novel and powerful bioinformatics applications dedicated to biological data acquisition empowered both the basic and applied life sciences research. Omics Finder is an offline educational android application that provides learning material and assistance in research related queries to the researchers, academicians and scientists in the field of life sciences in a fast and nice user-interface. The main characteristic of Omics Finder is the integration of domain specific information and mainly focuses on three research domains such as genomics, proteomics and python. Omics Finder can be used for book consultation, video lectures, notes, slides and FAQs to gain in depth knowledge about specific domains. This application comprise of domain specific queries and top cited books, lecture videos, notes, and slides that were taken from different platforms like Bio Star (, Stack Over Flow (, Quora (, Research Gate (, YouTube ( and Google. In total, 300 unanswered queries were extracted from those platforms and 82 answered queries were added to Omics Finder. The user will interact with the application through mobile device and will avail the mediated and self-access services via getting access to prescribed services. It was implemented using Java programming language and it is not freely available for commercial use. Omics Finder is developed to help and assist early career researchers and professionals in their research studies by Providing: (i) Free platform (ii) Answer to the searched query (iii) Referenced answers (iv) Assistance material in several formats (Books, Video lectures, Notes, Slides and FAQs).

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