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On Management of Artificial Intelligence and 3D Programs in Chronic Diseases

Artificial intelligence is a technology created to produce devices and programs that can learn and behave like humans by transferring human abilities to machines and computers. Artificial intelligence began to be used in the field of health in the 1970 s and this technology continues to be used and developed in many areas of health. The main reason for its use in the field of health is that it provides convenience and practicality in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. In addition, it provides the right guidance by revealing the correct and reliable results in a short time. In practice, medical decision making, early diagnosis and treatment, drug development, and medical imaging are generally focused on. There are discussions in the field of ethics in the use of artificial intelligence in health. The reason for this is that it is not clear who is to blame and who will be punished when artificial intelligence takes over the duties of doctors and health workers and makes mistakes. In this study, 8 studies dealing with the relationship between artificial intelligence and chronic diseases were examined. Studies include diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases. In the results of the study, it has been determined that artificial intelligence and 3D programs add positivity to the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases.

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