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Optimization of Plasma Bioregulatory Effects in Children 5-6 Years Old with Scoliosis against the Background of Daily Wearing of Medical and Preventive Clothing

For children 5-6 years old, scoliosis is characterized by a violation of bioregulatory effects in the blood, which is combined with inhibition of their physical development. In order to eliminate the phenomena of scoliosis and normalize the level of bioregulatory compounds in plasma, the observed children were recommended to wear medical-preventive clothing every day. As a result, six months of its use in observed children with scoliosis was marked by a positive dynamics of the indicators taken into account. Observed children with scoliosis during daily wear during 6 months of the author's version of medical and preventive clothing attained weakening of the curvature of the spine, increasing strength and endurance of the muscles of the trunk, gradual restoration of the balance of bioregulatory substances in the plasma. As a result of the study, it can be argued that the daily wearing during six months of medical and preventive clothing removes scoliotic symptoms in children with scoliosis and leads to a level of normal plasma content of bioregulatory substances.

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