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Organ Donation Attitudes and Practices Among Older Adults Participating in Evidence-Based Health Programs

Objective: The study assessed attitudes, barriers, and practices related to deceased organ donation and intent to enroll on a donor registry among older adults in health programs. Methods: We surveyed 1,286 adults (71% over age 60) participating in evidence-based self-management/lifestyle change programs in Michigan about their attitudes toward organ donation. Results: Three subscales with good psychometric properties were identified: General Benefits (Alpha .83), General Barriers (Alpha .79), and Age/Health Barriers (Alpha .61). Female gender, white race, higher education attainment/income, and intent to sign up on the donor registry were correlated with positive attitudes toward donation. Participants cited age and chronic disease status as barriers to enrolling as organ donors. Conclusion: Education on donor eligibility and perceived barriers could increase organ donation rates among participants in evidence-based health programs.

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