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Ossification Of The Ligamentum Flavum Of The Lumbar Spine In Caucasians: Case Series

Ossification of the ligamentum flavum or OLF is a disease with heterotopic ossification in this spinal ligament. The key of OLF pathogenesis is the differentiation of fibroblasts into osteoblasts. The majority of cases of ossification of the yellow ligament occur at the lower third of the thoracic or the thoracolumbar spine. However, the literature contains only few reports of patients with OLF of the lumbar spine. The clinical presentation of lumbar OLF is radiculopathy or intermittent neurogenic claudication, although some might remain asymptomatic. Herein, we present 8 Caucasians with symptomatic lumbar OLf. The age and gender as well as the clinical picture, characteristic radiological features, the number of the affected levels will be described. The tips and tricks for achievement of a successful decompressive laminectomy, as the treatment of choice, done at one level in three and at two levels in five cases will be described. Furthermore, the degree of adherence of the lesions to dura and ultimate outcome will be discussed.

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