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Over all View of Viral Infections and their Therapeutic Management In Covid-19 Pandemic

Some infective agent outbreaks have overrun the planet since antiquity, together with the foremost recent COVID-19 pandemic. The continual unfold and emergence of recent infective agent diseases have urged the invention of novel treatment choices which will overcome the constraints of presently marketed antiviral medicine. Chalcones natural chain flavonoids that found in varied plants and may be synthesised in labs. Many studies have shown that these little organic molecules exert variety of medicine activities, together with antiviral, medicine, antimicrobial and antineoplastic.

Nature is taken into account as a valuable supply of drugs thanks to the existence of bound active ingredients and chemicals in varied plant species. Various plant extracts were found to be helpful remedies in numerous unwellness conditions. one among the key problems with many antiviral treatments is drug resistance which will emerge through mutations, genetic modifications and phenotypical changes. Thereby, the virus can not answer the previous effective drug leading to failure of dominant the un-wellness, resulting in higher risks of unwellness spreading, and high mortality rates. Viruses embrace an outsized cluster of pathogens that ar in charge of inflicting severe infectious diseases and represent a serious threat to the worldwide health and economy.

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