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Paradigm Shift in Health Enhancement by Management of Painful Conditions and Fractures via the Use of Non-invasive Lowlevel Laser Therapy (Lllt)

Pain is one of the most common reason for a doctor’s visit worldwide. Very often, we are being prescribed pain killers, but if the response was slow, many a times more potent pain killers are being given which carry with it many side effects. One can see from the famous opoid crises reaching headline news in United States for example which act as a reminder that we should shy away from overuse of opoid type analgesics. One good alternative at least in the field of musculoskeletal related pain such as pain arising from injured nerves, tendons, ligaments, joints, such as from sports injuries, traffic accident injuries, or industrial injuries is via the use of non-invasive low-level laser therapy(LLLT). Furthermore, the above mentioned injuries can sometimes lead to bony fractures which, if relatively undisplaced, can also be treated by LLLT via non-invasive means. This of course is a blessing especially in pediatric patients since no parent like to see their child being subjected to surgical operation that involve lots of pain and suffering.

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