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Parotidectomy by U-shaped Skin Incision for small Benign Tumors

Parotidectomy by U-shaped Skin Incision for small Benign Tumors

Objectives: The facelift incision has been used as a more cosmetically favorable alternative to the traditional cervicofacial, S-shaped incision for parotidectomy. However, the facelift incision has the disadvantage of requiring a long skin incision and wide skin-flap elevation. As an alternative, we analyzed the application and safety of a more limited U-shaped skin incision for parotidectomy.

Methods: A U-shaped incision, consisting of pre- and postauricular incisions and a curved incision around the earlobe, was applied in 28 female patients. Their tumors were located in the superficial region of the parotid gland except one patient with a deep lobe tumor. Maximum diameter of the tumor was <3 cm. As a control, 18 patients with a S-shaped incision, who had superficial tumors <3 cm in diameter, were selected. Operative time and postoperative complications were retrospectively compared between the two incision approaches.

Results: No significant difference in operative time was observed between U-shaped incision and S-shaped incision. The frequencies of temporary facial paralysis and salivary fistula were comparable between the two surgical methods.

Conclusion: The U-shaped incision approach is feasible for parotidectomy in patients with small (<3 cm) benign tumors located in the superficial region of the parotid gland.

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