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Past and Present of Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) in Digital Learning Environment (DLE): A Meta-Empirical Review

Taking into consideration all the work that has been done in the field of regulating the learning processes that happen in one's own mind, there arises a thirst to review all the existing models of self- regulated learning that have been discovered and implemented until now. A considerable number of researchers and their research have long recognized the potential and benefits of the instructional tools available in digital learning environments (DLEs) which are particularly helpful for learners to develop self-regulated learning (SRL) behaviors. This has led to the discussion of a comprehensive analysis and zooming in to novel features in sheer volume of available literature, which is covered in this paper. A comprehensive analysis over models in chronological order is conducted under following aspects: model evaluation, measuring instruments for learning strategy and supported empirical results. Accumulating all this knowledge into this paper will rather be beneficial to researchers as they will obtain the required theoretical insights gained from the provided meta-analytic evidence. This will enable those people who work with digital learning environments to think about and explicitly take note of the degree to which learners have gained this novel capacity of self-learning.

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