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Past Conference Report of 4th International Conference on Craniofacial Surgery

3rd International Conference on Craniofacial Surgery was successfully hosted by Conference series LLC Ltd in Rome, Italy during August 15- 16, 2019. The conference was organized around the theme “Accelerating Innovations & fostering advances in Craniofacial Surgery” with the purpose to strengthen the future of Craniofacial Surgery. Active participation and generous response was received from the Organizing Committee Members, Editorial Board Members of Journals as well as from Eminent Scientists, Talented Researchers and Young Student Community. All the support and cooperation from the Organizing Committee Members, Researchers and the Speakers had made Craniofacial 2019 a successful event. 
Craniofacial 2019 Organizing Committee would like to thank the Moderator of the conference, Ana Paula Lefèvre M, Brazil who contributed a lot for the smooth functioning of this event.

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