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Patient Safety Culture in Health Institutions: Systematic Review for Surgical Units

Objective: This study aims to draw attention to the importance of patient safety culture and to examine the suggestions for preventing undesired incidents. Material and Method: 5,873 studies related to the subject published between 2010-2020 were analyzed using "Pubmed, Cochrane, Science Direct, EBSCOhost” databases. The keywords "health care", "nursing", "patient safety culture", "surgery units" were scanned for the review. A total of 15 publications complying with the inclusion criteria were included in the study and evaluated. Findings: The studies within the scope of this study reported that patient safety culture, especially in surgical units, was affected by not only the attitudes of individuals but also healthcare institutions and equipment. In the reviewed studies, it was stated that there was a high level of significant relationship between patient safety culture and variables such as ‘incident and error reporting', 'employee behavior' 'employee training' as well as 'management and leadership'.

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