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Possible Applications of Immunology Principles in Dealing with Viral Attacks on Computer Networks: A Hypothesis

Introduction: Developing immunity against frequent viral attacks has been a challenge in computing scenario. We argue that the application of neuro-immune theory is of immense value. Hormonal influences on brain functions are known to biologists since long. There are also natural processes that determine exactly what immunity the body produces. In most cases where a virus has been infected, once it goes through your cell and infects your body there are no other viruses remaining for you to infect.

Methods: We designed a electronic circuitry network and immunology based model to see how computers handle viruses. The model was designed by studying bacteria—we’re not going to talk about viruses that have been downloaded and used. We then compare our results with what we hypothesise: if we can extrapolate and apply these principles of immunology in securing computer networks.

Results: We show that the chronic malware of the motherboard, a key mechanism by which the disease of the computer progresses, can be compared with the chronic malware of the central nervous system.

Conclusion: As with many mobile devices, sensor input is a separate operation to power the device. It also eliminates the need for additional software and hardware to power the device during charging.

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