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Post traumatic stress disorder and the toxicology of cannabis sativa

Many young men, women and even the elderly are addicted to Cannabis intake abuse despite its predictable toxicological consequences. In this paper we studied the toxic effects of oral administration of methanol extract of cannabis sativa seeds using total of forty male Wistar Rats. Animals randomized were into five groups (n=8rats) of approximately equal weight. Group 1 received 100mg/kg of the of the extract, group 2 received 200mg/kg of the extract, group 3 received 300mg/kg dosage of the extract, group 4 received 2ml of olive oil and group 5 received distilled water for 14 days. Result for AST was significantly (p<0.05) higher in groups 2 (57.00±13.00IU/L) and 3 (59.33±10.53IU/L), compared with normal control group 5 (31.33±1.53 IU/L). Significantly (p<0.05) higher serum ALT was observed in groups 2 (50.00±12.52IU/L) and 3 (56.33±10.21IU/L). Results for kidney function, shows significantly (p<0.05) higher serum urea concentration in group 3 (13.75±2.41mg/dl) compared with the control group (8.75±1.60mg/dl). Serum creatinine concentration was significantly (p<0.05) higher in group 2 (2.25±1.18mg/kg) and group 3 (2.38±1.57mg/kg) when compared with the control group (1.09±0.13mg/kg). Significantly (p<0.05) higher SOD values was obtained in group 3 (72.64±5.90mg/kg) when compared with normal control group (19.62±4.26mg/kg). 

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