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Predatory efficacy of selected plan textracts and botanical synthesised nanoparticles on Culex (L) fuscanus

Chemical based insecticides and bio-pesticides are used to control mosquito larvae and in turn these larvicides posse problems to non-target co-inhabitants. In this regard the present study was carried out to find the influence of Aegle marmelos, Coleus aromaticus, Colocasia esculenta and Wrightia tinctoria plant extracts and green synthesized silver nanoparticles on the predation of mosquito predator, Cx (L) fuscanus which is also a mosquito larva. The study indicates that the plant extracts and green synthesized silver nano- particles have no effect (P<0.05) on the predation of Cx (L) fuscanus. Hence use of these plant extract and green synthesized silver nano-particles are recommended to control mosquito larvae along with this predator.

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