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Insulin Resistance & its Mechanism

Objective: Viral hepatitis B and C are the major threat to public health. A retrospective study to determine the prevalence of hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) in the Bannu during the study period was conducted. Methods: The data was collected from the official register maintained by the pathology laboratory in the district headquarter hospital, Bannu. Results: In contrast to the previous studies, HBV cases contributed ≥70% share of overall occurrence of both types of hepatitis in the study area. Similarly, males also showed ≥70% prevalence of the disease compared to females. HBV is more prevailed compared to HCV in males (except August) and in females (except August and November). HBV is dominant in all age groups. Age group 15-30 Y constituted > 50% share, while age group < 5 Y contributed < 5% of the overall prevalence of both type of viral infections. Conclusion: HBV was more prevailed than HCV, while male compared to females as well as age group (15-30 Y) among all age groups demonstrated higher prevalence of hepatitis.

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