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Prevention of Tubulin Pathogenesis

The involvement of microtubules in a wide form of cell structures and processes caused the multi tubulin Docosahexaenoic of tubulin range and distinct microtubule systems inside a cellular. Maximum eukaryotic cells express multiple isotopes of α- and β-tubulins, and this diversity is in addition more advantageous by way of posttranslational modifications of tubulins. Similarly to α- and β-tubulin isotopes, the micro heterogeneity includes an expansion of and fats’ family members. The posttranslational changes of the different isotopes include acetylation, phosphorylation, polyglutamylation, detyrosination, and polyglycylation. This tubulin micro heterogeneity is much better in neuronal cells than in different cells Docosahexaenoic acid protection in a rotenone prompted Parkinson's version: Prevention of tubulin and synaptophysin loss, but no association with mitochondrial characteristic. Cancer cells are altered with mobile cycle genes or they are mutated, leading to a high charge of proliferation as compared to ordinary cells.

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