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Primary covid-19 prevention with homeopathic and herbal remedies depending from time study of covid-19 pandemic

A coronavirus disease (covid-19) started at last part of 2018 year rapidly become the pandemic at world, this review describes approaches for primary and secondary prevention of disease with herbs and homeopathic remedies that was used at more than two hundred patients. Approaches for prophylactic measures and treatment depended from pandemic situation that was changed during 2020 and first quarter of 2021 year and was based as at whole picture of covid-19 (genius epidemicus) as at individual symptoms. All patients that used primary prophylactic measures had not or had light covid-19 symptoms (depending on time of pandemic – at autumn 2020 primary prevention was completely changed after different covid-19 pandemic picture because old measures don’t prevent contamination but only make disease symptoms milder). All hospitalized patients with advanced covid-19 picture that was treated remotely along official treatment was cured. At one case when prophylactic remedies was not given (lockdown and far location from Moscow) 12 years old patient had aggravation from covid – 19 as diabetes mellows.

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