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Primary Undifferentiated Neoplasm of the Left Arm with Characteristics of Extragonadal Germ Cell Tumor and High-Grade Sarcoma

A previously healthy man in his late 20s was diagnosed with a primary undifferentiated non- metastatic tumor of the left arm. After a biopsy, a clear pathological diagnosis could not be established. The tumor had positive immunohistological markers for both an extragonadal germ cell tumor and a high-grade sarcoma. Given the presumed germ cell etiology, he was started on empiric chemotherapy with etoposide and cisplatin. After a few cycles, the tumor showed dramatic response. However, due to poor patient follow- up, it progressed to massive size with severe compromise of the joint and critical neurovascular structures, which led to the decision for limb amputation. Post-surgical checkups showed no recurrence of the primary tumor or metastasis. This is the first report in the literature showing a tumor with these histological characteristics that responded to platinum-based therapy. It provides evidence for the need of more specific markers for the pathological evaluation of undifferentiated neoplasms.

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