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Proba-V Belgian Mission Satellite Global Products for Vegetation Monitoring

Proba-V Belgian Mission Satellite Global Products for Vegetation Monitoring

PROBA-V is a new global vegetation monitoring mission, launched using Vega on May 7th, 2013. PROBA-V is capable of global coverage and designed to deliver user quality products at 1/3 km and 1 km spatial resolution. PROBA-V has been developed to ensure continuity with the heritage of VEGETATION missions. Aside from an improvement in spatial resolution, PROBA-V has been designed to achieve a consistent performance with respect to that of SPOT-VEGETATION. Differences in the spectral bands for PROBA-V compared to VEGETATION are shown to have no significant discrepancy when imaging typical land covers for vegetation studies. PROBA-V continues to provide daily Top of Canopy synthesis (S1-TOC) and ten days synthesis products (S10-TOC). In addition, the new Top of Atmosphere daily synthesis products (S1-TOA) and radiometrically corrected raw data (Level 1C) products will also be provided for scientific users. All standards products and user requests for customized products can be ordered through a web portal managed by VITO. A second portal managed by ESA provides the 1km standard products. PROBA-V will be part of the GMES Space Component and aims to provide appropriate data for the GMES Land Service.

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