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Problems of Physical Rehabilitation of Patients Suffering Type I Diabetes and Abdominal Obesity

Type I diabetes mellitus is endocrine pathology, which is increasingly detected in young people, usually at the age of 35 years. Diabetes is often combined with an increase in cholesterol in the blood, a decrease in the functions of the thyroid gland and adrenal glands, metabolic disorders, heart diseases, gout, osteochondrosis, obesity, exacerbations in the respiratory system. Often there are pinpoint hemorrhages associated with vascular rupture, including in the vascular system of the eye. Because of the slow flow of protein synthesis processes, the processes of regeneration of damaged tissue are significantly delayed. The patient develops asthenia, depression and many other phenomena. In the intestine, the fermentation of excess carbohydrates is activated and its biochemical environment changes, which leads to suppression of intestinal flora and decay of proteins. It is clear that properly selected physical activities can contribute to this reduction in body weight, improve metabolic processes, and help prevent cardiovascular disease. Daily exercise helps to strengthen the human body, develop muscle corset and reduce subcutaneous fat in diabetes and abdominal obesity. Properly selected physical activity improves the susceptibility of insulin receptors, while reducing the glucose level in the blood. Regular moderate muscular activity helps patients to reduce the dose of insulin, adjust the diet and reduce body weight. Particularly useful in this regard is circular training, which is able to have a number of effects in the patient's body: improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system; accelerates metabolism; burns subcutaneous fat.

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