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Process Mining as a Business Process Discovery Technique

Process Mining as a Business Process Discovery Technique

Business Process Management (BPM) is an important aspect of organizations excellence and global competitiveness. The main indicator of an efficient BPM in place is the level of conformance of its implementation to its original process model. Some processes are implemented based on what IT people think rather than what process guidelines state. Process Mining is a promising technique for extracting a process model based on its real time behavior. In this research, an ITIL compliant Incident Management Process of a renowned Telecom provider was selected to construct its process model. Results of applying three mining algorithms showed that there are different process scenarios implemented by the process engine. This entails further investigation to identify the most credible scenario to the original business process requirements. This research is part of on-going research to compare the efficiency of process mining tools over formal inspection techniques as a process discovery approach.

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