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Prospects of Stem cell therapy in Endodontic treatments

Stem cell research and therapy is gaining popularity worldwide due to its unique regenerative potential in repairing tissue damage or loss. Its prospects and implications in dentistry has been revolutionary. The ability of stem cells to regenerate and differentiate in other types of cells is like a “beacon of hope” when it comes to severe dental mishaps. The dental stem cells isolated from the dental pulp and periodontal ligament have the greatest potential for tooth engineering. Among the various undifferentiated cells that have been recognized from dental tissues, those from the pulpal tissues incorporate dental mash foundational microorganisms [DPSC] and undeveloped cells from human peeled deciduous teeth (SHED). Grown-up dental undeveloped cells can separate into many mirroring dental parts, for example, periodontal tendon, cementum, and dental mash; however nothing near veneer or dentin.

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