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Psychological Satisfaction of Parents of Young Football Players with a Mosaic Form of Down syndrome By the Quality of Sports Training

Physical culture and sports are still an effective means of rehabilitation and social integration of persons with weakened health. They allow people with disabilities to fully discover all their functional reserves and be active members of society. In this regard, the further development of physical culture and sports work with people with various health problems is very promising. One of the types of such activities is football groups, where children and young people with Down's syndrome are becoming more active. For athletes with a mosaic form of Down's syndrome, it is very important, first of all, that there are conditions for practicing football, that is, a gym with inventory, as evidenced by high marks to the quality of the classes. The use of visual training methods (instructions, drawings, schemes) in training improves the interaction of athletes with the coach, facilitates the assimilation of the training material and thereby increases the motor density of the session. It is clear that the personality of the coach plays the leading role in the training process. From how competently he interacts with his athletes, how attentive to them, how much he carries them into playing sports ultimately depends the result of his activities and the success of the students. It is also very important attention to the success of young athletes with a mosaic form of Down syndrome. Promotion of football among them and their active encouragement for sports success is a serious incentive for their further employment in football and increases the popularity not only of this sport, but also of a healthy lifestyle.

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