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Qualitative approach of quality control in ASU herbal drugs

Herbal drugs play a very vital role in human health and known from ancient times in India, China, Japan and Korea. Now a days many western countries are also adopting Herbal drugs as these have holistic approach and have least side effect. All modern Pharmacopoeias like BP, USP, and European Pharmacopoeia have included herbal drugs. Quality control of herbal drugs is very important. At the time, to maintain quality is also very difficult, due to seasonal variation, climatic variation and main point is to prevent adulteration. There are different preparation, liquid, solids, churna, tablets, pastes, ointments, oil and ghrita preparations, extracts, decoctions; Quality control is done using all modern instruments, like UV, IR, HPLC, GC, Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer, ICP, NMR, GC-Mass, LC MS etc.

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