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Quality of life and level of depression among elderly in midsayap, north cotabato

This study aimed to determine perceived quality of life and level of depression among the elderly. There were 104 respondents identified using purposive sampling method in the municipalities of Pigcawayan, Aleosan, Libungan and Midsayap in North Cotabato. Standardized questionnaires (WHO QOL BREF and Geriatric Depression Scale) were used to solicit and analyzed data using frequency, percentage, standard deviation and non-parametric tests for correlation.

Findings revealed that the older people in the target localities predominantly experienced average quality of life as well as mild depression. This can be caused by environmental and physical conditions such as financial concerns and health problems associated with aging. However, they revealed good quality of life especially in psychological and social domains directed towards maintaining positive self-worth and good social relationships. Furthermore, some selected demographic characteristics such as sex, educational attainment and income could significantly impact their individual perception. It is also concluded that as the quality of life decreases, the level of depression increases and vice versa.

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