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Real Time Monitoring of Impacts of Power Quality on Induction Motor Efficiency

This work focused on impacts of power quality on an online induction motor in a real time basis. The work involves creating variable conditions in the input power supply and analysing its impacts on motor performance specially efficiency. Input power supply is modulated in two aspects, first one is voltage fluctuation and second one is voltage unbalance. For the conduct of test a 10 HP induction motor is selected which is run under test condition for half an hour. During test input supply voltage is varied on both sides of the rated voltage of the motor with the help of servo voltage stabilizer. In process voltage unbalance condition was also implied on the motor by varying the voltage across three phases. All measurement parameters during test are recorded with the help of Fluke 438 II Power quality and motor analyser. The test results have indicated that motor efficiency deteriorates whenever there is a deviation from rated voltage of the motor. It also shown the same trend when voltage unbalance is increased. Thus, it implies that power quality plays a major role in the performance of the motor.

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