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Relationship between information destitution on food security and health risks during food consumption in the population of Piura (2018)

The latest research work is titled “Relationship between food safety knowledge deficiency and health risks in Piura population during food consumption (2018).” The report was made due to the growing statistics of coronary metabolic diseases registered in Peru, and in particular Piura, due to deficient patterns of food consumption. It is for this reason that the understanding of the danger that consumers have for food was examined and the information associated with the possible risk of contracting diseases. Another explanation for this report’s creation is the lack of media reporting on food health, considering that more than fifty percent of the causes of death in Peru are due to diabetes and cardiovascular afflictions. This work should take into account other basic concepts such as innocuity, market habits, cognitive deficiency theories, risk communication, the rate of scientific literacy, the use of neurointelligence in the labeling of food packages as a way to confuse the customer with a better understanding of the nutritional specifics of the ‘Public awareness of science’ proposal means citizenship needs to provide a specific understanding of words and constructions that are adequate to understand a large number of daily events,

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